March 2018



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May. 4th, 2020

Screened contact post

To ask for customs/suggest lines etc.

Feb. 19th, 2020

About The Writer/Journal


Well over the age of 18

Incredibly patient when it comes to waiting for tags.

Appreciates being told if a line's dead/being given the chance to change things if something specific isn't working. I love communication.

Plot and interesting characters over meaningless sex every thing.

Not interested in playing victims or non-con, may play dub-con for lines where it makes sense.

Way more interested in the character and line than the face.

Strong female characters with a submissive streak (no strict domme/sub)

Interested in writing against characters with a bit of edge. Really I love bitter cynical, witty arseholes. (If you can give me a Malcolm Tucker type character my women have chemistry with I'll love you forever)

Prefer darker lines - ie the seedier side of life, murder, mayhem, anger.

Particularly interested in urban fantasy/supernatural/abo

Slight preference for het over femme. Happy to play a futa for certain lines.

Feb. 18th, 2020

Characters (OC and Fandom)

Yes all my characters are fairly badass bitches to varying degrees, definitely not the type of women that want an easy life. Please see journals for more info, often willing to change various aspects of their background.

Grace Harper-Jones - [info]graceharperjo. Filthy rich upper class libertine with a thing for masculine men willing to be pegged and beautiful subs young enough to be her son. PB - Anna Chancellor (would also be into using Tilda Swinton, Helen Bonham Carter, Jennifer Connelly and open to suggestions)

Grey White - [info]missnomer. Big angry feminist punk, enjoys being bitter about the state of the world, ignoring her emotions by drinking too much and shagging in bathroom stalls. PB - Sue Denim

Lex Campbell -[info]literalbitch. Genderfluid, mostly identifies as male and gay. Sometimes a gentleman, sometimes a badass biker. Issues with violence. Looking for a genderfluid male/someone able to bring out her more feminine side. Also willing to play them as more traditionally masc or femme. PB - Ruby Rose

Evelyn Canterbury - [info]blood_essence. Sadistic vampire made in the Victorian era. Has a thing for cutting and torture and fucking in blood. Oddly charming and formal, but incredibly curious and open about sex. Would especially love her much older husband whom she turned. PB - Eva Green

Imogen Harper - [info]takesthepain. The most versatile of my muses, snarky, kinky, openminded, the rest is flexible. PB - Daisy Lowe


Annie Sawyer (Being Human)
Alex Millar (Being Human)
The Rani (Doctor Who)

Feb. 17th, 2020

Themes/vague ideas

A/B/O or werewolf playing a female alpha against a former alpha or a normally dominant seeming/demanding omega. But really anything playing a female alpha would be amazing.


Villains in love not looking for redemption

Exploring the submissive side of my characters with people they trust

Gender play/non binary characters/women as the 'males' in a couple.

Mar. 20th, 2017

Grace had found the magazine lying around while she'd tried to be helpful and clean a bit a few days ago now, trying to work out what exactly to do or say. It had been odd finding it, knowing that David was into people like her. She'd been here a few months now, hiding what she was was second nature to her now so normally it was easy, much easier now than it had been during her teen years but the less she thought about that time the better. Only the thing was once again she'd been having to deal with unwanted and uncontrollable erections. It was ridiculous really, she was a grown woman, but sometimes the sight of the man she was currently living with just did something to her. She'd done what she could to try an wear herself out, spending far too long in the shower making herself come multiple times and ways, jerking her cock and fingering herself (often at the same time) just to try and get it out of her system. Finding the magazine really hadn't helped her attractive to him. The thing was she was sick of being someone's fetish, of being nothing but a cock, because that was what she'd been every other time, when it got to be point where it became clear whoever she was with would never be interested in her cunt she always left. It never took long, now she'd given up on the whole thing.

Well pretty much.

Perhaps David was different? Probably not, and of course bringing this up was probably going to lead to her being very suddenly homeless but...well he was nice, very good looking, and places to live were much more available than men into alphas even as a fetish.

It was getting fairly late when she headed into the living, she'd been in her room drinking to try and quieten her mind only it had made her bold more than anything so she went downstairs still fully clothes in loose fitting trousers and a black shirt, glass of wine in one hand magazine in the other. Setting the magazine on the table in front of him she sat down opposite, not totally sure what to say, how to broach the subject.

Maybe she should let him start? See if he tried to defend himself and how. It seemed a good way to work out what he was into. So she didn't say anything, just looked over at him as she sipped her wine.